Established in early 2019, Blackstock has been a work in progress for over a year. We continuously spend our time sourcing the finest vintage garments we think would look better in black or reworked into new shapes. All reworked garments are hand sewn in Los Angeles. We use a hand dye method to change the color of our garments in small batches. Some pieces take multiple dye processes in order to achieve the proper color. Each piece takes on a different undertone due to the original color of the garment. Most pieces will have a cool undertone, while some will be warm or neutral. Some fabrics change their hand feel and look during the dye process, we see these imperfections as beautiful. Due to the hand dyed treatment of the garments, they made fade, bleed, or change in appearance over time. Please treat your garments with care and refrain from getting them wet before washing. Wash instructions are included with your purchase.